about coach megan long

I am thrilled to have you be a part of such an amazing team. The culture here is different. This means everything to me, as it should you. There will be no cookie cutter plans. There will be no unanswered questions. There will be no hour long replies. Every athlete on this team is special and deserves to be treated as such. We are a family. We all have ONE goal- to get better every single day.


Every variable MATTERS. Every step MATTERS.

If a protocol is set out for you, all you need to do is execute. You are leaving progress on the table and room for improvement by missing minute variables that add up. If you miss 1,000 steps – eh no big deal right? Imagine if you did that every day? That’s 7,000 a week you missed that MATTER. If you go over your carbs 15 grams daily, that’s an extra 105 carbs that aren’t prescribed to you. IT ALL MATTERS. The goal is to check the boxes day after day, week after week to get closer to your goals. We aren’t average here. You don’t want to be average. Fuck average.


Let’s get better together.