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Communication is always available, I expect it to be taken advantage of. If there is anything you ever need please do not hesitate to reach out. If something is inhibiting you from meeting protocols, or you are not meeting them on your own this needs to be addressed so we can work together to make sure it no longer happens. Without proper communication and ownership, I cannot properly assess your check-ins.


Execution should not be less than perfect. You didn’t come here to be slack on your goals. Check-ins should be done timely, and adherence should be perfect in order to get where we NEED to be.


After assessing your check-ins and biofeedback I will make necessary changes that will help keep progress rolling. You need to implement these as soon as possible, preferably immediately. If you EVER have any questions about a protocol please ask. An educated client is an empowered client.


This is my absolute passion. I can promise you I’m bringing it to you every day. No hours of unexplained cardio, no carb diets, or dreaded workouts. This is the shit I live for and you’re going to feel it.

As an athlete you need someone you can trust, this is your health and confidence you’re handing over to someone else. You need someone who doesn’t just talk the talk but walks the walk. I can promise you anything you’re going through with your health and fitness journey is nothing I haven’t experienced myself. I can ensure you will never feel confused as to why something is being done because it is always to improve your life. Questions at any time are always welcome. You will notice I say WE a lot because WE are a team. Your concerns are my concerns.

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Coach Megan is wanting to help anyone wanting to improve the quality of their health, training and take their physique to the next level. Megan has worked with hundreds of athletes and has a true passion for helping others unlock their true potential. Proper training is the KEY to achieving your desired strength and abilities.

In-Person Training packages include –

– Written training program for:
– Weight loss/weight gain
– General fitness
– Functional strength
– Corrective exercise
– Competition prep

Additional information

Program Time

10 Sessions, 20 Sessions